Case Studies

SMS Genset ATS automatic changeover

SMS Genset ATS Changeover

Automatic transfer switches (ATS) are part of backup power systems and allow a smooth changeover to generator power when a mains power outage occurs. A local generator supply company contacted us wanting to use our SMS Lite as a notification and remote control override for their existing ATS systems. Many of these systems are installed […]

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DATRAN data robustness project

DATRAN Data Project

This major development project will deliver massive improvements for users of larger DATRAN SCADA systems. It will provide improved data robustness, more data logging, and increased data throughput. Phase 1 of the DATRAN Data project is a DATRAN VI software upgrade that will soon be made available to our software maintenance agreement (SMA) holders. The

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Generator remote start

Generator Remote Start

The QTech SMS Lite is used to remotely start and monitor your generator via text messages over the 4G cellular networks. Starting your generator is now as simple as sending a text. We have been involved with a generator remote start project for the popular Kubota GL600D-AU-B genset fitted with the DSE 4520 digital control

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Bird deterrent systems - remote control

Bird Deterrent Systems

Bird control and bird deterrent systems are important safety consideration for airports and runways. They are also extensively used in agriculture and farming to help prevent birds eating crops and seeds. Our customer wanted to install a remote control option for an acoustic system at an airport runway. We were able to assist with the

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sports field remote lighting control

LED Lighting Upgrades

LED lighting upgrades for sports fields are becoming more popular. Our low power wireless controllers are ideal for remote control of LED sports field lights. LED lighting has multiple benefits over incandescent lighting, including lower energy consumption (lower power costs) and longer life expectancy. Importantly, many of the modern LED lighting fixtures are modular and

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3G Cellular Networks closing

3G Networks are Closing

The 3G networks are closing soon in New Zealand. One NZ (previously Vodafone NZ) plans to switch off in 2024, and Spark is likely to be similar. We appreciate this is not “new news” as some 3G networks have already been switched off overseas.However, this does not just impact old cell phones. We encourage you all

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Latching Solenoid remote control

Remote Latching Solenoids

We were approached to provide a control solution for remote latching solenoids over a distance of 1200m. Latching solenoids are commonly used in the irrigation market as they are very low power. Latching solenoids require a special driver circuit which controls the polarity of the switching signals. Latching solenoid control can easily be achieved with

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