Wireless solution for challenging terrain

Challenging Terrain Solutions

We are often called upon to help establish remote control solutions for challenging terrain.

A pump specialist in the North Island recently asked for help with this rural control system. However, when we reviewed the location we found an incredibly challenging elevation profile! The system spans almost 4km which can be achieved with our wireless control systems - more challenging are the site locations in the steep valleys.

In this application there are multiple sites for the pump stations and the water storage reservoirs which serve a local farming community.

A QTech Multi Point Controller system with our high gain antennas provided the wireless control solution. The multipoint controller was used with five WP2P modules in a master slave arrangement.

This project also used a combination of high gain yagi directional antennas at the remote sites and a 6dB collinear at the multi point controller location. This short video introduces the antenna types available for our wireless systems.

Or click here for more details on the Multi Point Controller.

Multi Point Controller

Are you looking for remote control solutions for challenging terrain or an application which would benefit from remote control or monitoring?

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There are many remote control systems available from QTech and DATRAN Australia. These include both digital and analogue I/O WP2P systems, the WP2P star configuration system and the Q48 P2P which has eight digital inputs and outputs.