DATRAN building control system

DATRAN Building Control

QTech’s own building control system has implemented a novel use of DATRANVue.

DATRANVue is a cost effective graphical user interface (GUI) using scalable vector graphics. DATRANVue is typically used for graphical operator mimic screens for 3 Waters sites, such as treatment plants or reservoirs.

DATRAN building control

The access control system uses the QTech SAC which is an ethernet based swipe card reader. The SAC connects to the local DATRAN server via ethernet, and records who is on site. The DATRAN server is used to manage the operator details such as name, swipe card serial number etc, making it easy to change when staff leave.

The DATRANVue summary screen has many advantages for QTech, including early indication that a team member hasn’t reported to work.

The screen can also be used to help site evacuation procedures and fire drills etc.

The DATRANVue screen can be easily distributed to multiple users, even those who do not have current needs or access to the DATRAN SCADA system. Having the building control screen does not give these new users access to the existing 3 Waters screens.

DATRAN Reporting software is also used for the QTech building control system. DATRAN Reporting allows you to design and schedule regular automatic reports from data in the DATRAN SQL database and is typically used for compliance reports, alarm summaries etc.

In the DATRAN building control system, a regular summary report of when everyone entered and exited the building is emailed. This can help with team attendance KPI’s and provides a tool for team meetings.

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