DATRAN data robustness project

DATRAN Data Project

This major development project will deliver massive improvements for users of larger DATRAN SCADA systems. It will provide improved data robustness, more data logging, and increased data throughput.

Phase 1 of the DATRAN Data project is a DATRAN VI software upgrade that will soon be made available to our software maintenance agreement (SMA) holders.

The upcoming release of DATRAN VI v6.78 will be communicated separately soon.

Phase 1 – Focussing on Data Integrity
To make the system more robust we have reviewed the fault modes that can occur and modified our data management and integrity processes, for instance when the data link between DATRAN and the SQL Server fails or is severely degraded, since these are commonly no longer co-located. We have also factored in the trend towards virtualisation of the DATRAN Servers themselves.
These improvements will be delivered in Phase 1 with the release of DATRAN VI v6.78. 
An important part of this phase includes controlling the behaviour of DATRAN under heavy traffic loads from the telemetry network or unexpected or unattended restarts of the DATRAN server.
Project Next Steps – Future Developments
Once Phase 1 is complete, the next stages of the project are outlined below:
Phase 2 – XL4 Plus RTU Improvements
We are increasing the number of data points that can be logged in the XL4 Plus RTU and providing more data logging memory capacity. We will also be improving the ability to quickly retrieve larger data logs from RTUs over broadband channels, whilst ensuring that older narrowband radio channels are not impacted.
Phase 3 – DATRAN VI Update
A second DATRAN software update, v6.79 will then be released to provide support for the new RTU data logging capabilities.

The DATRAN VI SCADA system is widely used by councils for 3 Water systems in both New Zealand and Australia.

Please contact the team to discuss the DATRAN data improvement project or any of your monitoring requirements.