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December 2021 Newsletter

Latching Solenoid Option
A latching solenoid interface module is now available for our WP2P, XL4 Plus RTU and SMS control systems.
Magnetically latching solenoids are widely used, particularly in irrigation applications as they are very low power.
Our latching interface module provides the required directional pulse control for the solenoids and expands the interface options for the telemetry systems.

Please get in touch with the sales team or click here for more details. 

Remote Generator Starting
We have received several enquiries about the remote starting of generators using SMS/text messaging.
This application note was created to assist with interfacing to the generator.

Are you thinking of other SMS/text control applications?
Please get in touch and the team will help you select your ideal solution.  

Christmas Arrangements
After a hectic year, our team is looking forward to a well-deserved break over Christmas.
QTech closes at 3pm on the 23 December 2021 and we reopen at 8:30am on 10 January 2022.

Please get in touch with the sales team or tech support for your requirements before the holiday.
Thank you all for the support this year, it is truly appreciated.  

Other News 

Wireless RTU (WRTU) Release
The WRTU enhances the telemetry options for your DATRAN system – it is low power, low cost and ideal for being solar powered.

WRTUs are the perfect choice for monitoring and controlling small sites such as remote tank levels, flow meters or irrigation systems.
The next batch of modules is now scheduled for production, so please get in touch with our sales team now for your project needs.

DATRAN Server - Restarting & Checks
A timely reminder as we head into the holiday season - if your DATRAN server and SQL are restarted unexpectedly, QTech recommends these checks are performed:
1) Recommendations for back up data and starting services
2) Recommended procedure for restarting DATRAN VI servers
These documents are in the application notes section of our website.

Internet Explorer Version 11 - Web Browser
Our website platform no longer supports Internet Explorer version 11.
Most of you will already be using a modern web browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari.
If you are still using Internet Explorer, then please click here for a handy list of supported browsers for you to consider.

Supply Chain and Delivery Update
Thank you all for your patience with supply delays over the past few months.
The global situation for electronics manufacturing remains a real challenge. You may have seen that even Toyota has cancelled over 300,000 cars due to electronic component shortages.
We have been battling production since the start of Covid, and it continues to generate unexpected shipping delays and component shortages.
However, to provide resilience to this situation, we have made a significant investment in a new Pick and Place Machine.
This robotic machine enables our team to populate crucial circuit boards here in Christchurch. This precision machine includes component placing, conveyor belt and reflow oven stages.

This capability will help provide a consistent flow of future products, whilst we continue to work with our manufacturing partners. 

Ethernet TCP and Digital Radios
Many DATRAN systems are now adopting Ethernet TCP/IP, digital radios and 4G cellular options to communicate with DATRAN RTUs.
DATRAN VI v6.77 is a crucial starting point for these super-fast communication network upgrades.
This recent release was the result of an extensive development project to ensure DATRAN's core is capable of supporting your future needs. 

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