Greyhound racetrack control

Greyhound Racetrack Control

Greyhound racetrack control is another application for our WP2P wireless remote control solution.
The existing underground control cable which controls the starting gates was starting to fail which made it unreliable. A critical requirement for this customer project was avoiding having to dig up the horse track which surrounds the greyhound track.

The low power WP2P was used to replace the underground cable, and as it is a radio system, it prevented disturbing the surface of the adjacent horse track.

The distance from the club room to the starting gate was less than 200m, which is easily within the range of the WP2P systems. With optional high gain antennas, several kilometres can easily be achieved for more demanding applications.

The WP2P has 3 switched inputs and 3 relay outputs, essentially this replaces a 6 core cable with a low power radio link.
The track officials can now control the starting gates reliably from the safety of the club rooms.

Interfacing the WP2P outputs to the starting gate wiring is straightforward. The WP2P has normally open, low voltage relay contacts which can be easily integrated into the control circuit by using interface relays.

Please get in touch with the team to discuss your remote control requirements, greyhound racetrack control is just one of many application of the WP2P systems.