Pump to Tank WP2P

June 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the June Newsletter - we would like to share the latest QTech updates with you.
Coming Soon - Wireless RTU
The new WRTU for DATRAN VI SCADA systems is coming soon.
This low cost, low power RTU integrates remote I/O directly into DATRAN or even into an existing XL4 Plus RTU. Using an integral 900MHz radio, the WRTU is ideal for solar powered sites where flow meter or status data is needed.
A release package will be sent out later in the year, but please contact our sales team now so we can understand your specific applications and ensure we forecast your requirements.

Will a WP2P System Work Here?

This is a question we are often asked and wanted to share an example of how to determine it for a Wireless Point to Point radio system.
Firstly, plot the positions on Google Earth (or similar) - this gives you the path length and elevation profile - both of which are important.
In this example the distance is 2.1km, the tank is about 10m higher than the pump and there are no significant obstructions to the radio path.

This is a perfect situation for our low power radio systems, with optional antennas and a solar power supply at the tank site.
More detailed and formal RF surveys are always needed for difficult links and challenging situations. We often conduct RF surveys for farm irrigation systems using our Water-Insight fixed grid irrigation control systems as the hilly terrain is often a challenge and would require radio repeaters.
Floating-Point Number Capabilities
Support for floating-point numbers was introduced into DATRAN recently. This has been really well received by our technical system integrators, and the opportunities it now provides for system integration with devices such as turbidity meters and UVT. 
One expert recently said "this is fantastic news, we need to use this for the new generation of flow meters we are using".
Not only can floating-point be used for the regular 4 byte single precision, it can also be used for 8 byte double precision (equivalent of 64 bit) applications.  We encourage everyone to upgrade the XL4 Plus RTU firmware to v7.16 to take advantage of the latest features & fixes.
Other News

Website - Support Section
We have recently updated the support area of our website.
The FAQs and Application notes are now grouped by product category and a new search feature has also been added. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or if we can help you further, please get in touch.

DATRAN VI v6.77 - coming soon
We were really pleased by the feedback when we launched DATRAN Supervisor v3.64. Further improvements are currently underway to change how DATRAN VI interacts with Supervisor and an update will be announced soon.
Workbench Update
Version 2.8 was released in March and we urge everyone to download this latest version. It is available by clicking here and is required to configure the upcoming WRTU.
For Windows 10 users, please read this new FAQ on Microsoft .NET compatibility.
WP2P Output Hold Option
The latest generation of our popular Wireless Point to Points have a configurable "output hold" function.

This allows you to select what happens to the relay outputs if communication is interrupted. This extends use cases where this "fail safe" is needed.
Further details are in the recently updated user manual.
DATRAN Training Courses
Do you want to learn more about our DATRAN SCADA and telemetry system? Updated training packages are now available which are suited to both new and existing users/integrators. Please get in touch now to see how the new course format will benefit you.

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