Tank Level Monitoring

March 2022 Newsletter

Tank Level Monitoring
The TLM is a cost effective web-based system, perfect for monitoring rural and remote water tanks.
The TLM is a solar powered IoT device that communicates via long range LoRa radio.
The web dashboard provides you with tank level information and provides alerts for critical water levels or significant rates of change directly to your phone.
This technology is used with our Water-Insight irrigation control systems, but can be used "stand alone". The starter kit includes the TLM, pressure sensor, LoRa gateway, antennas, and Ethernet cable. 

Sports Field Lighting Control
A leading sports field lighting company approached us for a remote control solution. The Multi Point Controller and WP2P modules was specified for the solution which prevents laying hundreds of meters of cable.
Now all the lighting towers, and their intensity, can be controlled from a central location.

The WP2P Star is an alternate system and ideal for controlling up to three lighting towers.
Do you need remote control of electrical systems?
Please get in touch and the team will help you select the ideal solution.

Remote Control - Difficult Terrain
A North Island pump specialist asked for help with this rural control system.
Reviewing the location we found an incredibly challenging elevation profile!
The system spans almost 4km which can be achieved with our wireless systems - more challenging are the site locations in the steep valleys.

However, a QTech wireless system with high gain antennas provided the solution.
This short video introduces the antenna types available for our wireless systems.
Do you have a challenging application which would benefit from remote control or monitoring? Please get in touch to discuss.

Other News
Wireless RTU (WRTU)
The recently introduced WRTU enhances the telemetry options for your DATRAN system – it is low power, low cost and ideal for being solar powered.

The next batch of modules is scheduled for production in late March. Please get in touch with our sales team now to secure yours now.

Staff Changes
We have had some changes over the past couple of months and we would like to introduce the new members of the team:
Sadhna, Jacob and Charles have joined our production team in Christchurch.
We are still recruiting for a specialist DATRAN engineer. In the meantime, please keep your support requests coming to techsupport@qtech.co.nz.

Security Bulletin - Log4j
In December a global security issue was discovered that affected many software providers. Fortunately, this does not affect DATRAN SCADA software or Datashed. A support bulletin was published, but if you missed it, please click here for details.

Supply Chain and Delivery Update
In December we outlined some changes to help improve resilience to the global supply chain difficulties.
The new pick and place machine is performing well and is helping us maintain production continuity, as components become available to us. We have also caught up on a backlog of repairs. We appreciate order lead times remain longer than usual, but the global situation for electronics manufacturing continues to be a real challenge.

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