DatScan - People Counter System

DatScan is a wireless people counter and data logging system.

The integrated hardware and software products provides a scalable, people counting solution with multiple data retrieval options.

DatScan people counter system overview

Data records can be retrieved from the people counters using 4G cellular data, LAN/Network connection or wireless transfer to an SD card. These options can be combined in the DatScan system for ultimate flexibility.

DatScan is the perfect choice for people counting applications – the system is widely used around New Zealand providing public toilet usage data for service provision analysis.

Key Features

  • Low power consumption providing battery life of up to 12 months
  • Wireless RF data transfer from Data Logger to EP3 Data Manager
  • 4G cellular data transfer from Data Logger to DATAHost server
  • Connect up to 8 PIR sensors to each 4G cellular data logger
  • Vandal resistant heavy gauge steel enclosure with stainless steel fixings
  • Easy system expansion & configuration – Up to 999 loggers can be used
  • Generate usage reports from the Analyser software or use your existing database tools

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