DATRAN InSQL Connectivity Module

The DATRAN “InSQL Connectivity Module” (InSQLCM) provides the mechanism to log “RTU Data Logged” data into the “Fast Load Folder” of Wonderware’s InSQL.

Datasheet – RTU Data Logging – InSQL Integration

DATRAN VI SCADA Base Stations have traditionally logged historic data to the DATRAN database, which is a generic Microsoft® SQL database.
The DATRAN software packages Trending and Reporting, have then been used to display and manipulate this data.

DATRAN RTU Data Logging is a powerful feature that allows RTUs in the field to log data which is then periodically retrieved over the existing communication channels. This logged data is easily integrated into the DATRAN database via the Historic Data Interface software.

This data is not in chronological order with respect to existing data in the database, and is sometimes referred to as “late data”. This can cause problems for databases other than the standard DATRAN database.

Wonderware’s Industrial SQL (InSQL) is a proprietary type of database with extensions over Microsoft® SQLServer. With the deployment of InSQL, the integration of non chronological “late data” requires an alternative approach, using the “Fast Load Folder” of InSQL.

Integrating DATRAN RTU Data Logging into InSQL allows Wonderware’s the Active Factory suite of products to be utilised for the display, manipulation and reporting of the data.

Key Advantages

  • Ability to Log non chronological data to InSQL and/or the DATRAN database
  • Integrate DATRAN RTU Data Logging into Wonderware as extensions to the existing system
  • Native DATRAN InSQL configuration provides a seamless and elegant solution
  • Enables a common repository for multiple sources of system data

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