DATRAN Trending

Trending is the ideal tool to provide trends of current and historic data direct from the SCADA database.

Trending can be used for extracting data for compliance reporting, such as resource consent and Drinking Water Standards (DWS).

Brochure – DATRAN Trending 


Key Features

  • Fully configurable presentation, including colour scheme/scale/style/screen size
  • Automatic scrolling keeps visible data live
  • Up to 8 pens per plot
  • Built in statistical summary of plot (min/max/standard deviation etc)
  • Enhanced zoom features, click & drag, mouse wheel and independent X & Y zoom
  • Selectable date ranges, selected directly from the calendar
  • Selectable Line or Point graph display
  • Export data as a CSV file and, select data granularity down to 1second
  • Save graphical plot as a JPEG file for email or distribution
  • Easy access to previously archived databases
  • Super fast database access engine
  • Electronic Help and comprehensive “How To” guide

Key Benefits

  • Trend analysis and preventative maintenance planning
  • Multiple user licenses enabling cost effective distribution
  • Easier compliance demonstration for DWSNZ etc
  • User friendly real time monitoring of site status/usage
  • Customer usage predictions & budget calculations

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