Digital & Analogue Wireless Point to Point System


The Digital/Analogue I/O version of the QTech WP2P system enables you to transmit both an analogue sensor reading and two digital signals up to 4km.
This WP2P allows the transmission of reservoir levels, VSD/pump speed signals, etc., as well as providing remote switching with two relay contacts.
You can use a repeater module to increase the range between WP2P modules, thus providing a cost effective way of routing around an obstruction such as a hill or a building.

  Key Features

  •   Low power consumption
  •   No programming or configuration and easy mounting and installation
  •   Line of sight operational ranges of ~350m with the supplied antennas, ~2km with whip antennas, and up to 4km with Yagi antennas (Link status LED provides confirmation that the two modules are communicating)
  •   Isolated 0-20mA Analogue I/O and relay outputs for maximum diversity
  •   State of the art digital radio using 900MHz Digital Modulation technology

All operating distances are indicative only (terrain dependent).

This product requires an antenna and power supply. Please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.

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  • Frequency 917MHz to 927MHz
  • RF Output 100mW
  • Technology Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  • Antenna connector SMA (Female)
  • Dimensions L 112 x W 76 x D 26 mm
  • Enclosure Steel, powder coated
  • Power connector 2.1mm DC jack, centre positive
  • Supply Voltage 6 V—24 V DC (max 28 V DC)
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Current Consumption 6mA Typical
  • Weight Less than 350g

Radio Network Options

  • Six (6) frequency bands allow six (6) separate systems to be used in the same location, all colour coded.
  • Radio Code: For security a six (6) digit code is assigned to all devices.

Note: All modules in a system need the same code to operate.

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  • Product Code: PD8812E-WP2P-A (Supplied as a Matching Pair)

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Product Downloads

WP2P Digital & Analogue User Guide

WP2P Digital & Analogue-Datasheet

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