Digital Wireless Point To Point (WP2P)-Low Power


The Digital Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) system is a wireless remote control solution with three switched inputs & three relay outputs. Simply operate a switch and the relay at the other end also operates, allowing you to remotely monitor & control three independent devices.

There is no configuration or programming required, simply wire the connections and connect the power.

This innovative and cost effective system allows you to:

  • Switch a pump, irrigator or solenoid valve on and off remotely
  • Confirm if your irrigator is switched on and pumping water
  • Open an electric gate and then turn on a light
  • Send pulses from a flow meter across a field, without installing expensive cables
  • Replace an existing 6 core cable with wireless technology

Key Features:

  • Low power consumption, typically 6mA, making it ideal for solar or battery installations
  • No programming required and easy mounting and installation
  • Line of sight distances of ~350m with the supplied antennas, ~2km with whips, ~4km with Yagi antennas
  • Radio communications confirmed with Link Status LED
  • State of the art digital radio using 900MHz Digital Modulation
  • Configurable failsafe output hold feature on latest Rev E version

900MHz radio systems work reliably with clear “line of sight” between the modules. If this is not possible, consider using our WP2P Repeater and/or optional antennas.

This product requires an antenna and power supply. Please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.


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These examples are just some of the many ways the WP2P systems can be used:

  • Frequency 917MHz to 927MHz
  • RF Output 100mW
  • Digital Modulation technology
  • Dimensions L 112 x W 76 x D 26 mm
  • Enclosure Steel, powder coated
  • Power connector 2.1mm DC jack, centre positive
  • Supply Voltage 6 V—24 V DC (max 28 V DC)
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Current Consumption 6mA Typical
  • Weight Less than 350g

Ordering Details

  • Product Code: PD8810E-WP2P (Supplied as a Matching Pair)
  • Product Code: PD8810E (Single Module)

NOTE: The radio code must be stated when purchasing for WP2P module replacement.

All QTech products may be subject to delivery advice when ordered.

Product Downloads

WP2P Digital User Guide

Datasheet – QTech WP2P Digital


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