Handheld Programmer (EP3)

The EP3 is a small hand-held device which the farmer can use when out in the field. It can be used to obtain satus information from an IPC, manual operation of a sprinkler or inhibit its operation programming schedules and configuration in the field.

Key Features

  • The EP3 display is a resistive touch sensitive mono OLED graphical display
  • Easy to operate via soft keys on the display to show the menu options
  • Designed for finger operation, supplied with a stylus making the operation quick and responsive
  • Communicates with IPCs for status information and the update of programming schedules
  • Versatile tool providing IPC firmware updates, radio network analysis function. (Diagnostic tool, with channel scanning, radio frequency analyser, radio packet data logger.)

Major Benefits

  • IPC status easily checked in the field
  • Simple updating of IPC schedule in the field
  • Control of individual IPCs
  • Low cost portable device which can be used quickly for day to day management
  • Quick diagnosis of IPC operation
  • All that is required for small sites, lowering system investment cost
  • Broadcast time sync.

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