Hosted Web Trending

DATRAN Web Trending allows your existing DATRAN Historical Trends to be viewed remotely via a web browser on PC or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

“Hosted Web Trending” is a value-add web hosting service offered by QTech that provides you with safe and secure access to these trends, without the need to set up or manage internet servers

DATRAN Hosted Web Trending  Datasheet- v3

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Hosted Web Trending – Fees & Registration-Form – v2
You will need to discuss this with your IT administrator.

The DATRAN Base Station needs secure access to the web for connection to the QTech Host Server which serves the external web users. This helps maximise system security as no user has direct web access to the SCADA system.

This following guide explains a way of further enhancing security of the web connection by using SSL certificates and will be of interest to your IT/IS manager.

SQL Server SSL Connection