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The Latching Solenoid Driver, LSD01, allows you to operate latching irrigation relays from a switch closure.

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The Latching Solenoid Driver, LSD01, allows you to remotely control latching irrigation valves using QTech
wireless controllers.
The LSD01 operates the popular 12 Volt 4 Ohm DC single coil latching solenoid irrigation valves.
The LSD01 is designed to interface directly with the QTech WP2P, Multi-point Controller, SMS Controller,
SMS Lite and DATRAN RTU products.

latching solenoid driver

A 12V DC (+/- 10%) power supply is required, at an operating current of 2 to 12mA.
The 12V DC supply is applied to the +12V and GND terminals of the LSD01.
• The solenoid valve is controlled by the RLY terminals on the LSD01, which operate as a trigger.
When the RLY terminals are closed the solenoid valve will turn ON. When the RLY terminals are opened
the solenoid valve will turn OFF.
• The solenoid valve coil wires are connected to the LSD01 terminals labelled BLK and GRN.

Note – If the solenoid valve operates in reverse, simply swap the BLK and GRN wires on the LSD01.

Latching coils and the QTech wireless controllers are low power and ideal for being solar powered.
The latching solenoid driver can also be integrated into our custom remote solar power solutions (RSS01 and RSS02).

Click here for a novel application of remote control of irrigation latching solenoid control.

Product Documentation

Datasheet – Latching Solenoid Driver LSD01

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