Power Pack – 230V AC Input – 13.8V DC Output


In-Line Power Pack – 230V AC Input – 13.8V DC Output

This plug pack is recommended for use with our:
• Wireless Point to Point systems (all Digital, Analogue and Digital, Repeater modules
• SMS Controllers
• QDR Digital Radios
• Q48 P2P systems
• Multipoint Controller

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Product Documentation

Datasheet – Inline Power Pack

Product Code: PD5414

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Item Specifications
Input Voltage 230V 50Hz
Input Cable 2 core x 0.75mm, 1.8m length
Output Rating  Regulated 13.8V DC at 250mA
Technology Linear, transformer based Double insulated
Output Connector  2.1mm DC Plug, centre positive Input Cable
Output Cable 1.5m length
Dimensions H 90mm x W x 65mm x D 69mm (excludes mounting plate)
Mounting  4x M4 holes at 44x94mm centres

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