Q71 External 1200bps Modem

The Q71 is a 1200bps FSK modem for DATRAN systems using analogue radio networks.

The Q71 provides the necessary DATRAN interface to Tait TM9315/TM8xxx radios fitted with internal Q82 interfaces.

It connects to an RS232 serial port on either the DATRAN XL4 Plus RTU or the DATRAN XL4 RTU.

The Q71 can also be used on the previous revision D generation of DATRAN eXcel II RTUs with two serial ports.

The Base Station version of the Q71 1200bps FSK modem is used to interface from the base radio to the DATRAN server.


Product Documentation

User Guide – Q71B RTU Modem

User Guide – Q71B Base Station Modem

Q71 Interface Cable Summary

Product Code: PD9310-Q82 – RTU modem for Tait TM93xx/TM81xx Radios

Product Code: PD9310-Base – Base station modem for Tait TM93xx/TM81xx Radios

Product Code: PD9310-Q80 – RTU modem for DATRAN Q80 Radios


Enclosure Dimensions
  • H 26 x W 50 x L 89 mm (excluding cables)
Power Supply
  • Power taken direct from RTU (RS232-B port) or external 3 pin connector
  • External Input Voltage – 12V DC nominal (8.0 to 15.0V DC)
  • Current Consumption – 17mA nominal at 12V DC
  • 1m Radio Interface Cable – Tait TM9xxx/TM8xxx or 6 Pin Circular DIN
  • 300mm RJ45 Serial Cable – Connection to RTU RS232 Port
  • DATRAN XL4 Plus RTU – all versions
  • DATRAN XL4 RTU – all versions
  • DATRAN II eXcel RTU with Q03 Firmware v5.21+ and Q90 v3.27+

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