QDR 900MHz Digital Radio

The QTech Digital Radio (QDR) is a low power digital modulation radio solution which is fully compliant for use in Australia and New Zealand.

QDRs provide low cost RS485 or RS232 cable replacement options and are ideal for use between DATRAN RTUs and expansion modules, or between industrial controllers and sensors.

Application examples include RS232 master/slave configuration, as a “Point to Point” system or even as a “repeater” for more challenging projects within certain packet size limitations (see the datasheet for more information).

Key Features include:

    • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations available
    • Indoor/sheltered urban range up to 500m with supplied 2.1dB dipole antenna
    • Outdoor range of up to 6km with with optional 6db Yagi or Whip antenna
    • 6 radio channels
    • 9600bps Data Rate
    • Maximum packet size 255 bytes
    • USB port for configuration
    • Current Consumption 150mA max
    • Outstanding receiver sensitivity of -110 dBm
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Product Documentation

Datasheet – QDR 900MHz Digital Radio

User Guide – QDR 900MHz Digital Radio 

Test Certificate – QDR

Download Workbench Software


Product Code: PD9119-232 (for RS232 use)

Product Code: PD9119-485 (for RS485 use)

All QTech products may be subject to delivery advice when ordered.


• Frequency 921.5MHz to 928.0MHz

• RF Output 1mW to 250mW

• Digital Modulation Technology

• Modulation GFSK Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying

• Hopping Channels 6

• Maximum Packet Size 256 bytes

• Antenna connector SMA

• Weight 330g

• Dimensions L 200 x W 107 x D 37 mm

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