SMS Controller


The QTech SMS Controller uses SMS/text messages to provide multiple people with alarms, status conditions and the ability to control devices (and receive a confirmation SMS) – all from your smart phone.

Network support on the following; 4G bands (MHz):(2100), (1800), (850), (900), (700) and 3G bands (MHz): (2100), (850), (900)

Note: The SMS Controller requires an external power source. Please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.

Key Features

  • Class leading intuitive user interface software
  • SMS Controller to SMS Controller texting. Multiple controllers can text each other allowing you to build a network.
  • Text the SMS Controller “status” to receive the current I/O status
  • Count flow pulses and provide a daily total to your phone
  • Multiple I/O: Digital inputs x8, Analog Inputs x2, Digital outputs x8, Analog outputs x2
  • Up to 10 people can be added to the address book
  • Up to 4 actions can be taken per I/O point
  • USB programming
  • Forgotten the message format? Simply text the SMS Controller for a list of available commands
  • Pulse output for digitals – text “Pulse” for a 1 second output, perfect for overload/reset application

Click here to download SMS Messenger Workbench Software (v1.7)

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Product Documentation

Datasheet – SMS Controller 

User Guide – SMS Controller 

SMS Messenger Workbench v1.7 Setup

Click here for the latest firmware (V3.02)– Updated September 2019. Refer to the user guide for firmware upgrade procedures.

Product Code: PD8611-4G

All QTech products may be subject to delivery advice when ordered.


  • Qty 8 x Digital Switched Input (normally open, close to activate)
  • Qty 8 x Digital Output (open collector type, to power relay)
  • Qty 2 x Analogue Inputs
  • Qty 2 x Analogue Outputs
  • Total Max switching current 2 Amps
  • I/O Connectors – all screw terminal
  • Antenna connector – SMA
  • Status & I/O Display LEDs
  • Enclosure Steel, powder coated
  • Supply Voltage 12-24V DC (max 30V DC)
  • Current Consumption nominal 40mA in standby @12V
  • Weight Less than 350g

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