SMS Controller

The QTech SMS Controller uses SMS/text messages to provide multiple people with alarms, status conditions and the ability to control devices (and receive a confirmation SMS) – all from your smart phone.

3G and 4G network support on the following bands; 3G bands (MHz): (2100), (850), (900) 4G bands (MHz):(2100), (1800), (850), (900), (700)

Note: The SMS Controller requires an external power source. Please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.

Key Features

  • Class leading intuitive user interface software
  • SMS Controller to SMS Controller texting. Multiple controllers can text each other allowing you to build a network.
  • Text the SMS Controller “status” to receive the current I/O status
  • Count flow pulses and provide a daily total to your phone
  • Multiple I/O: Digital inputs x8, Analog Inputs x2, Digital outputs x8, Analog outputs x2
  • Up to 10 people can be added to the address book
  • Up to 4 actions can be taken per I/O point
  • USB programming
  • Forgotten the message format? Simply text the SMS Controller for a list of available commands
  • Pulse output for digitals – text “Pulse” for a 1 second output, perfect for overload/reset application

Click here to download SMS Messenger Workbench Software (v1.7)


  • Qty 8 x Digital Switched Input (normally open, close to activate)
  • Qty 8 x Digital Output (open collector type, to power relay)
  • Qty 2 x Analogue Inputs
  • Qty 2 x Analogue Outputs
  • Total Max switching current 2 Amps
  • I/O Connectors – all screw terminal
  • Antenna connector – SMA
  • Status & I/O Display LEDs
  • Enclosure Steel, powder coated
  • Supply Voltage 12 – 24V DC (max 30V DC)
  • Current Consumption nominal 40mA in standby @12V
  • Weight Less than 350g

Ordering Details

  • Product Code: PD8611

All QTech products may be subject to delivery advice when ordered.

Product Downloads

Click for SMS Controller Datasheet

Click for SMS Controller User Guide

Click here for SMS Messenger Workbench_v1._7 Setup

Click here for the latest firmware (V3.02)– Updated September 2019. Refer to the user guide for firmware upgrade procedures.


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