Wireless Point to Point Slave Module


The WP2P Slave Modules work in combination with the Multi Point Controller allowing you to create a network of up to eight slave modules over a range of 4km.

Each of the WP2P Slave Modules has three switched inputs and three relay outputs. Now you can operate any of these I/O from the Multi Point Controller and even ‘patch’ the I/O to other WP2P Slave Modules.

The latest Rev E modules also have a configurable “failsafe” relay output hold function, link and status indicators.

The WP2P’s do not come with DC power supplies or DC power cables, please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.

The price of this unit is for a single unit, please specify the required quantity.

Configuration is by our class leading Workbench software and the I/O mapping is as simple as clicking the grid.

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