Wireless Point to Point Repeater


The Wireless Point to Point Repeater enables QTech Data Systems’ Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) modules to cover far greater range or operate in locations with obstructions such as hills, vegetation or buildings. Using the Wireless Point to Point Repeater the wireless signal between the WP2P Modules can be diverted around or over the obstruction.

Each WP2P module in a system has a unique address that allows multiple systems to be used in the same location. Similarly, the repeater module is also tied to a specific set of WP2P modules thus increasing communication reliability.

Key Features

  • Low power consumption, (~30mA), ideal for solar installations
  • No programming or configuration required
  • Line of sight operational range – distance from either of the WP2P modules to the Repeater
  • Up to 350m with the supplied antennas and up to 2km with an optional whip antenna.
  • State of the art digital radio using 900MHz Digital Modulation technology
  • Link Status LED helps diagnostics and shows when the Repeater receives data from a WP2P module

The WP2P Repeater module  can be used with both the Digital I/O WP2P modules and the Analogue I/O WP2P modules. All operating distances are indicative only (terrain dependent).

This product requires an antenna and power supply. Please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.

Product Documentation

Datasheet – WP2P Repeater 

User Guide – WP2P Repeater


Product Code: PD8811

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