WRTU – Wireless RTU

The WRTU is a multi-purpose telemetry device to capture remote I/O signals in to DATRAN systems over a low power digital radio system.

WRTUs are available with digital I/O (WRTU-D) and with digital & analogue I/O (WRTU-DA).
The WDR Data Radio connects via USB to the DATRAN XL4 Plus RTU or to the DATRAN VI SCADA base station.

An integral 900MHz digital radio (ISM band) gives a range of several kilometres using optional antennas.

WRTU systems are the perfect choice for monitoring remote tank levels, flow meters, pump status, door entry etc.


The WRTU – Wireless RTU expands the telemetry options for your DATRAN system and is more cost effective than traditional expansion modules and radio links.

A WRTU system has a WDR Data Radio connected to a DATRAN XL4 Plus RTU or to the DATRAN VI SCADA base station, and multiple WRTU modules are then configured to communicate to the WDR Data Radio.

WRTUs are the perfect choice for monitoring and controlling small sites from the existing DATRAN user interfaces.

The WRTU-D has three digital inputs and three relay outputs. The WRTU-DA has two digital inputs, two relay outputs, one analogue input and one analogue output.

WRTU - System Overview

Both WRTU-DA (digital and analogue I/O) and WRTU-D (digital I/O) modules can be used in the same WRTU system to give exactly what I/O is needed at each remote site.

The system can be easily expanded by adding multiple WRTU devices and multiple WRTU systems can be created by using additional WDR Data Radios as the base station.
WRTUs are configured with QTech Workbench software via USB. This allows you to define the function and options for each module to form the best network for your application.
The WRTU system also supports the use of a wireless repeater to extend the range – wireless repeaters are available with and without local I/O.
WRTUs are low power and suitable for use with a solar charger or can connected to a permanent DC supply. The WDR Data Radios are to be connected to a permanent supply.

Please contact us to discuss your applications for the WRTU – Wireless RTU.

WRTUs use our proven digital 900MHz ISM band radios, which are also ideal for use in Australia.

These products require an antenna and power supply. QTech has a range of quality options for your systems, please select the most suitable option for your application from our range of Accessories.

Product Documentation

User Guide – WRTU and WDR

Datasheet – WRTU and WDR

QTech Workbench Software

Product Code: PD8700 – WRTU-D Digital I/O

Product Code: PD8701 – WRTU-DA Digital and Analogue I/O

Product Code: PD8702 – WDR Data Radio (includes USB cable)

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