XL4 Upgrade to Q04 Plus firmware

XL4 Upgrade to Q04 Plus firmware including Modbus and DF1

Upgrade all of your XL4’s quickly and cost-effectively given a new lease of life while your organisation works through a measured equipment replacement strategy.

Why upgrade your XL4’s with Q04 Plus firmware v7 and beyond?

• V7 onwards gives your XL4 the ability to capture over 65,000 data points instead of the original 255 it was shipped with, allowing you to capture as much data as you need from PLC’s and other devices on your SCADA system.
• V7.05 supports multiple instances of Modbus RTU/ASCll/TCP and Allen Bradley DF1 industrial protocols on separate ports, slave units can have their poll rates set individually if required.
• V7.05 also supports Modbus over RS485, RS232, and Ethernet.
• The Real Time Operating System (RTOS) ensures a more robust and faster performance of tasks.
• Base station communications can be made with digital or analogue radio, Ethernet, cellular, and store & forward (RTU-RTU).
• New Dual Comms provides genuine redundant base station communications with simultaneous radio and Ethernet communications, thus retaining the security of radio communications in the event of failure of the LAN/WAN connection, particularly when you have large volumes of data to retrieve, e.g., in Drinking Water Standards applications.
• The Ethernet port can service multiple TCP connections simultaneously, so you can have Modbus and QComms running at the same time.
• Easy USB firmware upgrades.
• Be ready to take advantage of our future firmware enhancements that will include adding TCP connectivity to Workbench to allow remote configuration of RTU’s, adding SDI12, DNP3, and floating point arithmetic.

Two Upgrade options

Keen on XL4 Plus functionality but don’t need Modbus or DF1 on all RTUs?
The XL4 Plus – Legacy upgrade option is ideal, as it includes QComms Store and Forward functionality but without the third-party communications options (as per the old XL4).

Need all the features?
Choose the XL4 Plus – this fully bundled product incorporates the communications options ModBus and DF1 as well as QComms Store and Forward that were previously add on options to an XL4.