sports field remote lighting control

Remote Control Sports Field Lighting

QTech Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) modules can be used to remotely control sports ground lighting from a central location. Typical applications include rugby fields, hockey pitches or even car parks.

This will save you the time and effort of going to each lighting tower before and after each game.

The system uses a vandal resistant antenna mounted on the electrical panel at each lighting tower. The system has a range of hundreds of meters from the control room, making it ideal for virtually any sports facility.

Control of the lighting towers is simply by closing a switch in the control room – it is a wireless alternative to cable systems, without having to install hundreds of metres of cable.

The WP2P low voltage relay outputs are integrated into the existing electrical lighting control circuit.

If needed, signals can also come back to the control room from each lighting tower, this could be Status OK/Door Open/temperature alert etc.

The systems use our 900MHz ISM band digital radios – ideal for use in both New Zealand and Australia.

System Selection

Choosing which system to use primarily depends on how many sports ground lighting towers you need to control.

There are two options: the Multi Point Controller system and the WP2P Star system.

Multi Point Controller Option

This system remotely controls up to eight lighting towers. It also has a simple yet powerful configuration tool that provides you extra control options.

The Multi Point Controller is installed in the control room and connected to control switches.

Multi Point Controller

Tip – Each module has 3 outputs, so each tower could have high/medium/low light control options etc.

WP2P Star Option

This system remotely controls up to three lighting towers. This is the entry level system and virtually plug and play.

The master module is installed in the control room and connected to three control switches.

Wireless point to point WP2P Star System overview

The inputs are mapped to the outputs as shown below:

MasterINP1Slave #1RLY1
MasterINP2Slave #2RLY1
MasterINP3Slave #3RLY1
Slave #1INP1MasterRLY1
Slave #2INP1MasterRLY2
Slave #3INP1MasterRLY3

Tip – Mount the master module at a lighting tower, then four towers can be controlled by visiting just one tower.

Vandal Resistant Antenna

Our recommended antenna is the ruggedised low profile antenna which is only 16mm high.

low profile antenna

Output Hold Function

The Multi Point Controller and WP2P Star systems have a configurable Output Hold function. This is essentially a failsafe, so that if the radio communications are interrupted, the relay controlling the lighting can remain on. Please refer to the WP2P System User Guide for further details

Repeater Operation

WP2P Star systems support the WP2P Repeater functionality. This allows the communication range to be extended. The WP2P master and all the slave modules must be configured to use it. All slave modules must be able to see the repeater as all communications will be via the repeater, even if a slave is close to the master module. High gain antennas can be used to separate the Master by up to 2km.

If you have a unique or demanding application that needs wireless remote control, please contact us to discuss our complete range of control systems, alternative power supplies and antennas for longer distances.