Security access with HMI

Security Access with HMI

We recently received an enquiry for an automated water dispenser site, which needed swipe card security access with a HMI.

The customer requirements included:

  • Swipe card access
  • Graphical user interface panel
  • Monitoring and logging of volume volume
  • Logging of date and time to the DATRAN database.

The team proposed a solution based on the SAC access controller and the CM910 4G cellular modem These systems use the powerful connectivity options of XL4 Plus RTU – two RS232 serial ports and Ethernet are used in this system. The XL4 Plus RTU is essentially the technology hub for the system.

An outdoor rated HMI touch screen was specified and this communicates to the XL4 Plus RTU by Modbus over RS232.

This swipe card security access with a HMI system is perfectly suited to existing DATRAN users and gives many key benefits:

  • See all you system data in one system, with the tools you are used to
  • Use existing software packages for trending and analysis
  • Use the powerful DATRAN alarm facilities
  • Gives graphical interface on site
  • Remote management of swipe cards and access levels

The equipment list for this project included:

  • RedLion Graphite 7″ HMI
  • CM 910 Cellular Modem
  • Cellular Antenna
  • Keri card reader
  • Qty 10x Swipe cards

To know more, please get in touch with us.

The SAC is a powerful access control module. It can be connected to two card readers (eg entry gate and exit gate) and can also communicate back to DATRAN SCADA directly via Ethernet.