September 2020 Newsletter

After many months of experiencing delays from our manufactures in China, QTech are slowly moving closer to our Pre-Covid production levels. For farmers looking to remotely control electrical devices, our Wireless Point to Point Systems are on the shelf ready for purchase and just in time for the 2020 irrigation season. For our DATRAN customers we also have XL4 Plus's ready for you to make upgrades to your system.  QTech would like to thank our customer again for their support and patience during this time, if you have any questions or enquires please get in touch.

What's New

Wireless and SMS training videos:
QTech have recently released training videos focused on showing our customers how to use our Wireless and SMS products correctly. Available on our website, the 1-4 minute videos provide important and easy to understand information and have been created to answer your frequently asked question.  There are a range of different videos including the do’s and don’ts of wiring a WP2P and a step by step guide to configuring the SMS Lite.

To watch the videos click the button below. If you any suggestions on more you would like to see then please let us know and we will do our best to create them for you.

Three Waters Regulation:
As many of our DATRAN customers will know, the government has recently passed the new Water Services Regulator Act. Under this act the Water Service Bill has been approved for introduction. If passed the bill will give effect to cabinet’s decisions to comprehensively reform regulations for drinking water. It also proposes new national level reporting and monitoring functions for wastewater and storm water.

Although the specific new standards are not yet clear, it is currently projected that a new regulatory system will be in place by July 2021. QTech’s newest generation XL4 Plus RTU could help councils adhere to these upcoming regulations as compared to older model RTU’s, the XL4 Plus has more memory and allows the user to log data more effectively.

The XL4 Plus RTU allows the end user to not only ensure that data is logged effectively on site for redundancy, but is also configurable in many ways to ensure that the end client has real time data and historical data available at the click of a button.

If you have any questions about how DATRAN can help you or your customers adhere to upcoming regulations please contact Francois on 0274 915 360.

Coming Soon

Software upgrades:
A new version of DATRAN is set to be released soon. This update will include new DATRANVue with modernised images and improved performance. Changes have also been made to Supervisor to significantly increase the speed at which the software loads information from DATRAN.
QTech will soon be adding the DATRAN Wireless RTU to our product range. The WRTU is a cost-effective 900MHz radio-based solution for simple remote monitoring and control requirements. It is specifically designed for remote telemetry where only a few points of data are required.
This new range of RTU’s expands the capability and reach of our DATRAN VI SCADA solution and allows the implementation of small SCADA sys­tems using short range radio communications. When used in conjunction with the DATRAN XL4 Plus RTU, the WRTU also creates extended reach in applications such as flow meter points or wastewater sumps.

If you are interested in more information on the new WRTU then please contact us.

Case Study

QRTU Upgrade Kit:
QTech developed our first RTU know as the QRTU over 30 years ago. Due to the robust design many of these modules are still functioning in the field decades later. The QRTU was discontinued and became unsupported in 2009 when we changed the form factor to our current DIN rail mounted plastic enclosure. Although the QRTU’s may still be working, we recommend that our customers create a plan to upgrade these old units, as if they fail they can no longer be serviced or repaired. Our new generation RTU’s are also faster, more powerful and hold more memory, therefore making your system more efficient and effective.

Upgrading from the Q20 series, which were released in 2008, to our newest XL4 Plus RTU’s is relatively simple as they share the same form factor. The QTRU however requires a different process as it comes in two forms, a single card and a three card rack version. The latter version is mounted directly to the gear plate in an enclosure with I/O ribbon cables plugging into a motherboard.  This has Euro Connectors for Processor and Expansion cards, plus power terminals for other services.

To upgrade a QRTU to a XL4 Plus you will normally require a DIN rail installed enclosure for mounting RTUs and expansion modules. You will also need a complete rewire of I/O, going from ribbon connectors to wired terminals. Unless the upgrade includes a new control cabinet, the install and rewire could take a couple of days. Added to this is the re-testing of all the I/O to the new installation.

An option we can offer at QTech is our single position and three bay upgrade kits which will save you a significant amount of time and resources.

Focusing on the three bay upgrade kit, we have a system which comes complete with a XL4 Plus RTU, expansion modules and a Q71 Modem (if required). All mounted on a metal chassis and prewired to a mother board, which the existing I/O ribbon cables can plug into. The mounting frame has the same footprint as the QRTU three position rack and uses existing mounting holes on the gear plate of the enclosure.

This exercise was carried out at a pump station upgrade and took just 3 hours from the start of removing the QRTU, to the running of the replacement XL4 Plus system. If you are interested in upgrading your QRTU’s then please get in touch with us as we are happy to help you create an upgrade plan.