Wireless point to point WP2P Star System overview

September 2021 Newsletter

DATRAN VI Software v6.77
Our Future for TCP and Digital Radios

We recently introduced a major release of DATRAN VI SCADA software.
This release is the result of an extensive development project to ensure DATRAN's core is capable of supporting your future needs.
Version 6.77 provides major TCP/IP improvements and enhanced future scalability, as the need for data volumes increases.

More and more DATRAN systems are adopting Ethernet TCP/IP, digital radios and 4G cellular options to communicate with DATRAN RTUs.
Version 6.77 is a strategic development to provide all our loyal users with a robust TCP platform, as demands for increased data volume and faster communication networks continues.
A corresponding update for DATRAN Supervisor has also been released. Supervisor v.3.65 maximises the new capabilities of DATRAN VI and provides several new requested features.

Riccarton House - People Counter

Riccarton House is an iconic heritage homestead on the banks of the river Avon in Christchurch. 
Our wireless people counter system has recently been installed to allow staff to record and analyse visitor numbers.

We are proud to help Riccarton House fulfil their requirements and encourage everyone to drop in for a coffee or even the farmer's market.

Riccarton House people counter

Point to Point - Star Option

The popular Digital Wireless Point to Point modules can also be ordered as a star configuration.
This provides a really cost effective master/slave system that is ideal for remote solar powered applications.
WP2P Star System overview

Please get in touch with the sales team or click here for more details.

Digital Radio - Application

The design for this Water Treatment Plant telemetry system uses our 900MHz QDR digital radios.
QDRs provides a wireless RS232 or RS485 radio ink and is lower power and more cost effective than conventional radio.
QDRs are ideal for concentrating remote sensors into a central control room and they have a range of several kilometres.
QDR radio links - WTP

So if you need a serial RS232 or RS485 link without cables, please click here for more information.

Other News

Supply Chain and Deliveries

The global supply chain issues and component shortages continues to be a challenge for everyone. The QTech team are working with our suppliers to minimise the impact. However, delivery times are longer than usual so please continue to get your orders in early.
We thank you for your understanding and patience.
If you have specific project timelines to meet, please get in touch with our sales team so we can endeavour to meet your requirements.

Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 has recently been announced. QTech has not yet performed any compatibility testing on Windows 11, so please hold off installing any of our software on it. We will provide an update in a future newsletter.

DATRAN Training Courses

Do you want to learn more about our DATRAN SCADA and telemetry system? Updated modular training packages have been developed which are suited to both new and existing users/integrators. Please get in touch now to see how the new course format will benefit you.

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