DATRAN Server migration and replacement

Server Replacement & Migration

We have been approached by several DATRAN SCADA users for advice on server replacement and migration projects.

QTech has now produced detailed technical resources to assist all system administrators and IT staff looking at performing DATRAN server and SQL database migrations. Importantly, please get in touch with us before starting the project as there are differences to other enterprise wide server replacements.

Migration Planning Guide

Key items covered include initial planning, pre migration checks, migration and deployment, verification steps.

DATRAN Server Requirements

Key items covered include hardware recommendations and operating system selection.

DATRAN Software Licensing Considerations

Key items covered include requesting licenses and applying licenses.

Migrating to a new SQL Server Instance

There are steps that can be taken to minimise the potential for data loss in the transition from old to new SQL servers. As DATRAN is connected to the live telemetry network, it is constantly updating data and logging to the SQL server historian.

Key items covered include Recovery files, RTU logging data and preventing data gaps.

Please contact QTech techsupport if you are planning a server replacement and migration. We will email you the most relevant guides and help establish what role you require us to perform.

Please take the time to read these guides early in the project to understand the scale and scope of the migration.

QTech can provide consultancy services and advice as needed, but we need to be engaged early on in the project. Experience shows that a planned, staged, and project managed approach to the migration of the mission critical SCADA server machine, gives the best result.

DATRAN Server Restarting Recommendations

Another useful document relates to the best practise for restarting a DATRAN Server and important checks to help ensure data is being logged correctly. This is relevant to both planned and unplanned restarts, including power outages etc.

Key items covered include recommended start up sequences, SQL database checks, automatic Windows update restarts

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