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Tips and FAQ for our 4G cellular SMS Lite and SMS Controllers

Starting a Generator remotely using a SMS Lite

The SMS Lite has been used many times to remotely start generator at holiday homes etc by simply sending a text message. This application note details some useful advice and considerations.

SMS Lite Naming Convention – Don’t use spaces in the names

Do not use a space in the SMS Lite naming convention for the Site Name, Inputs or Outputs i.e. “Back Gate” should read “BackGate” and “High Lvl” should read “HighLvl”.Remember to keep the names less than 8 characters long. Further details are in the quick start guide.

What size SIM card do I need?

The “standard” larger size SIM is used in both the SMS Lite and SMS Controller. Don’t pop the smaller sizes out of the plastic holder they come in.

Are QTech products available in Australia?

Yes they are. DATRAN Australia Pty Ltd was formed to actively supply, promote and implement the tried and proven telemetry products into Australia and the surrounding markets. Please contact Ross Gregory on ross.gregory@datran.com.au