Can I use Ethernet and Digital radios with DATRAN?

Yes. DATRAN supports many communication options including Ethernet radios, digital radios, and traditional analogue radios.
Digital radios offer many benefits for your SCADA and telemetry network, most importantly is the data throughput (bandwidth) and transmission speed.
While QTech does not supply Ethernet and Digital radios, many DATRAN systems have converted to them supplied from specialist communication providers.

The communication medium is a crucial aspect of all modern networks, and it is easy to overlook the importance, especially as systems are expanded over time without considering the impact of adding more sites, more I/O and more data logging.
Large “data hungry” sites, such as Water Treatment plants performing drinking water standards logging etc, are prime candidates to be transitioned on to a new digital radio network. This has the added benefit of freeing up capacity on the existing radio network, extending its future use and long-term value to you.
The latest generation of DATRAN XL4 Plus RTUs are the recommended starting point for high-speed digital radio networks. The XL4 Plus has an Ethernet port and two RS232 ports for maximum flexibility when implementing high speed communications.

Existing XL4 RTU can also be cost effectively upgraded to release the benefits of the XL4 Plus RTU.