DATRAN VI and Windows Updates – considerations

When an update of DATRAN VI software is released, it provides a cumulative update of one or more DATRAN Services. The release is provided with a release notice which the customer Asset/Engineering managers should review to identify which of the services or software components have changed that might affect their system.

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It is tested with a system which is up to date with the latest relevant Windows patches at that time.  In most systems, DATRAN VI software works in conjunction with MS SQL Server, which is not a QTech product.
Should changes be made to the SQL Server on site you must consider the impact on DATRAN VI (and vice versa).  Currently we test with the 2019 edition of MS SQL Server and we suggest that if the customer upgrades SQL server, they check in with us.
The following is highly recommended:

  • Take note when Windows/Service updates are done (especially ones which are sometimes done in the background)
    i.e. changes to Security (domain) policies has an impact on how operators access critical data from the SCADA Software and these are often done automatically.
  • Ensure that hardware in the field is also kept up to date with the latest hardware and firmware versions.  Not only does this ensure that the end hardware has all the latest features and updates available for the end client to stay up to date with the latest standards, but it also ensures that equipment is on par with software updates at the base station.
  • Upgrades to Server hardware and/or software should be done between Monday-Thursday, preferably in the mornings. The golden rule of thumb is to never do any changes on either Fridays, just before public holidays or over the Christmas Period.

If you need more information or want to discuss upgrade paths, please get in touch now.