Not all messages appear to be received

If the info command works but the phones command does not then the user’s phone has not been added to the device phone list. Refer to the section “additional configuration” to add the users phone number to the list. If the user’s phone is in the phone list but only some messages are processed then check that the heartbeat flash indication is normally being displayed and that the device has powered up correctly. The problem may also occur if there is a (temporary) network delay in delivering messages across the mobile network. Insert the device SIM in a phone and send SMS messages to/from it with another phone. All messages should be delivered in both directions in a timely manner. If not then it may be a network issue, try again later. If the problem persists then the SIM may not be correctly configured for the network, contact the mobile network operator for assistance. The SIM may be configured as “DATA ONLY” SIM and not configured for SMS messages. Check with the Mobile Network Operator and always use SIMS that are configured for SMS messages up to 160 characters in length with no constraints on delivery quality of service.