Q48 Point to Point – Output Failsafe

The Q48-P2P system controls the state of the outputs if the radio link is interrupted (comms failure). Normally, if a comms fail happens the modules retain their last known state (eg if an output is on, it will remain on during a comms fail). However, this does not suit some applications.

A factory configuration option is available called “failsafe” which can be be requested at time of order.

Using the failsafe feature, the digital outputs will all switch off for the duration of the comms fail. Similarly, the analogue output signals will go to 0mA.

Please refer to the user manual for further details on both failsafe and how long a comms failure takes to establish.

Note – the Q48-P2P failsafe is subtly different to the QTech WP2P systems, please be mindful of this if you are familiar with our WP2P systems.