SMS Lite – Trouble shooting tips

If you are having trouble, the first step is to text “Test” to the SMS Lite. This will confirm you have a connection.

The following steps will also help:

A) Make sure you have reception bars on your phone in the same place as the
device in case there is a network coverage issue.

B) Check the account balance for the SIM card (phone number) is not $0.

C) Make sure when you power up the device you see the heartbeat indication. If you
see nothing on the LED after the initial boot sequence of flashes then inspect the LED
on the modem board. If there is no indication on the modem board then the device has
not registered on the network. If you see a periodic slow on-off of the LED then it
appears to have registered but if the main board LED is solid on or off then there is a
fault on the device and it may need reprogramming with firmware. Also see
troubleshooting tip (I).

D) If the test message results in the LED test pattern displayed this means that the
device is successfully registered on the mobile network and is receiving messages.

E) If the test message displays the test pattern but a test response message is not
received by the phone this means there is a problem with the device on the network. It
could be an incorrect SCA service number, incorrectly provisioned SIM, issue with
account balance or other error. The user should contact the SIM provider to check that
the SIM is correctly provisioned. Alternatively, the SIM can be checked in a phone by
sending a message from the phone. Also, double check that the LED in the modem
daughterboard is flashing on and off slowly.

F) If the test pattern is not displayed this means that the device may not be
registered on the network or there is a lack of coverage or network unavailability or that
the network does not offer coverage in the frequency band classes supported by the
device hardware. If the SIM works correctly in a phone then the issue may be one of
frequency band operation. Contact QTech for assistance.

G) If the device appears to be operating normally and you have programmed it with
a valid phone number in the address book to receive alarm notifications then ensure
that you do not receive the transmit fault indication (three long flashes). This usually
indicates that the programmed phone number in the address book is incorrect. It can
also indicate that there is a problem with network availability.

H) If the device appears to be operating normally but inserting a SIM from a new
provider has caused it to stop, then using the old SIM, send the INFO command to
obtain the firmware version number and note the response. The firmware may require
updating in order to support the new SIM. Contact QTech for assistance.

I) If the device apparently suddenly stops working or does not work properly after
the device has been powered up after a sustained period of being off, or if it has been
used extensively in a phone before use in an SMS Lite, then it may have received
network generated txt messages that it is unable to process. Try removing the SIM and
placing it in a phone then clear all new messages and also clear any old messages that
may be stored on the SIM then replace the SIM into the SMS Lite and power it up. This
issue might also be resolved by upgrading to the latest version of firmware.