Verifying SMS Lite Operation

This provides technical assistance for troubleshooting issues with the QTech SMS Lite.

Step 1 – Remove the top cover of the unit
Power down the device. The top cover is held in place using dimpled locators. The cover is “sprung” open by gently prising the lid corners up. A flat bladed screwdriver can be used to assist but avoid touching the electronics or scratching the device metalwork.

Step 2 – Insert a valid SIM card
Ensure the SIM has a valid SCA number, phone number and is known to be working (test in a phone beforehand if necessary). Insert the SIM card into the SIM socket, noting the correct orientation is observed. Bear in mind that not all SIMs can be used in all localities.

Step 3 – Power up the device to check operation
Connect the power adaptor to the unit and turn on the power. Do not touch the electronics. The device will indicate a burst of Status LED flashes on boot up then settle into a heartbeat flash (very short) every few seconds. During boot up the device may indicate an error code. If so, please note it down. As an added indication that it is working the modem LED on the modem daughterboard will slowly flash, on for 1sec off for 1sec, indicating that the device has registered on a network.

Step 4 – Send a test message
Send a test message to the device from a phone by creating a new text message to the device’s phone number: Test No PIN number is required for the test message.

Step 5 – Verify operation
If the device is operating OK the Status LED will indicate 1 short flash every two seconds. This is called the “Heartbeat” indication. When it receives the test message the Status LED will display a test pattern on the LED for a few seconds consisting of alternating short and long flashes (i.e., short flash-longer flash-gap-short flash-longer flash-gap).

You will see this pattern as many as 5 times. If the SIM is working properly the device will send a response text message “SMS Lite comms test succeeded” to the phone. When it sends this message there will also be a short burst of LED flashes to indicate that it is transmitting. If the device fails to do either or both of these, then there is a fault. If an error code is flashing, see the previous Status LED section to diagnose the fault, or contact QTech for assistance after working through the troubleshooting section below.

Step 6 – End of test
Power down and carefully replace the top lid. Then power up again.