The SMS Lite is flashing error code 9 on the status indicator

Error Code 9 means that a non-specific or internal error has occurred and the device cannot accurately determine the cause. Common reasons for this code are: An invalid phone number has been programmed into the device, for example there are too many digits in it, or too few or it has the wrong prefix. In Australia all mobile numbers must start with 04 or +614. In New Zealand mobile numbers start with 02 or +642. Use the phones command to inspect the phone list for incorrect numbers. The SIM has no credit on the account, if you are using a prepay account the balance should be checked using the app provided by the Mobile Network operator and if necessary, topped up. The wrong kind of SIM is being used. If you were to put the SIM in a phone you could make a voice phone call with it. Some Data only SIMS will not work. Check with your SIM provider to confirm that it is a voice and data SIM.