The SMS Lite seems to be flashing an error code

If the error code is replaced by the heartbeat indication (short flash every few seconds) then the device is in its normally operating mode and is registered on the mobile network. The typical boot sequence when the device starts is as follows: The device will turn the status LED on then flash briefly with a number of flashes (potentially error code 7 indicating the device is busy while starting up). Or the status LED may be off for approximately 20s.The device then attempts to register on the mobile network and may display error code 5 whilst waiting to register, once registered and initialisation completed the device should settle into the heartbeat LED indication. If an error code is repeatedly displayed, then this is the code that should be reported to QTech. Carefully note the actions of the status LED as it powers up and count the number of flashes in an error code when it is displayed, report this code to QTech for further support. If the unit is stuck, flashing Error code 7, the SIM card may not compatible with the SMS Lite, or incorrectly provisioned, contact QTech for assistance. See also below for troubleshooting specific error codes.