The SMS Lite will not register on the mobile network

Error code 5 flashes indicates that the SMS Lite cannot register on the network. Make sure that the antenna is screwed on properly. If the device flashes error code 5 (or 6) then the device may not be operating on a supported network possibly because the SIM is not provisioned correctly for the supported networks: Australia – Optus, Telstra. New Zealand – Spark, 2Degrees, One NZ (Vodafone). If the SIM works correctly in a phone, then the issue may be that the SMS Lite is in a poor location, move it into an open space out of any cupboard or enclosure, away from metal, other electrical equipment, above the floor . Error Code 6 indicates that the device is not registering and is operating in a country that is not supported by the device. Open the lid of the device and look at the indicator on the daughterboard. If it is on solid the device is searching for a network, this could be a cellular coverage issue. If it is flashing slowly the device has registered on a network but the SIM subscription may not be valid (unknow subscriber number) put the SIM in a phone and check it. If the indicator is off (after being on solid for some time) then the device cannot register on the network and it may be a network coverage or antenna issue.