Windows 10 and DATRAN Trending License

Windows 10 user privileges and some IT policies can affect the successful licensing of DATRAN Trending.

If you encounter problems please read these tips or get your network administrator to contact us for further technical support.

  1. Install the app with the installer
    a. make sure windows has .NET 2-3.5 turned on in windows features.
    b. Use domain administrative privileges if you are on a domain (preferred but may not be mandatory)
    c. Install with right click run as administrator
    d. The actual user will run with their account login and this should have local admin rights or at least be able to modify the registry
  2. Launch The app
    a. It will start by taking you to the data link properties dialogue and you can fill in the details as above then test the connection
    b. If the connection fails then the account info for SQL server is not correct. It may throw an error like “… is not a valid DATRAN database” or “… can’t connect”.
    c. Be careful with spelling there are many things in DATRAN products that are case sensitive such as Computer names, database names, account names though sometimes they are not case sensitive, it is hard to tell and varies across our products do to be on the safe side try to keep to exact spelling with case sensitivity
    d. Once you click ok it should present the data on the screen from the database but you will get a message to say its unlicensed on new installs
    e. If it throws the error even after the test connection passes then it is probably because there is a problem with the licensing. This can be infuriating because the app crashes out if it cant switch to the database that you have chosen. You are forced to exit the app and modify the registry then try reinstalling the app again.
  3. Apply the license key
    a. Under the help menu, get a license from us based on the drive vol id
    b. Enter it in and the warning notices should go
    c. To be sure exit log out of the PC and log back in as the user but then launch Trending with these new credentials. If the license key does not seem to have stuck it should be entered manually
    d. If you try to switch the database and it throws the error “… is not a valid datran database” then try entering the license key manually in the registry.
    e. On windows 10 machines the license is held under the CURRENT_USER in the registry so the license has to be reapplied (running the app as administrator) each time someone new logs in. Sometimes this can be avoided by placing the license under LOCAL_MACHINE in the registry especially on domains.
    f. Once you can renter the app each time without having to enter the license then you out to be able to switch databases at will.