WP2P – Interface Relays

Using Interface relays for WP2P or SMS Lite systems has several advantages, including high voltage switching and easier serviceability. The output relays of the WP2P and SMS Lite controller are rated at a maximum of 32V DC and 2A. You can switch high voltage and high current devices using a WP2P or SMS Lite, by using low cost interface relays.

The existing DC supply to the WP2P or SMS Lite can be used to control the relay, but a separate DC supply (such as a 24V DC automation supply in the switchboard) can also be used.

Using the WP2P or SMS Lite DC Supply

WP2P-DA 12V Interface Relay

Using a Separate 24V DC Supply

WP2P-DA 24V Interface Relay

Please remember that the Analogue WP2P uses a 12V DC supply – the Digital WP2P/SMS Lite uses either a 12V or 24V DC supply.

There are many interface relays suitable for interfacing with the WP2P systems, your installer or integrator will be able to help.

Warning – Do not directly connect any modules to 220V AC voltage. The New Zealand and Australian wiring regulations require that any wiring in excess of 32 volts must be carried out or be certified by a registered electrician. Consult your local electrical installer for further guidance.